The Scoop on Mio Gelato

Some people may say that gelato is for sunny weather only; we say that they’re wrong! Especially when it comes to the assortment of creative and equally as delicious gelato flavours that Mio Gelato has to offer.


We took a cheeky visit downtown and asked some visitors for their favourite Mio picks, and have it on good authority that mojito, lemon greek yoghurt, rocky road, maple walnut, nutella and worms n’ dirt are but a few recommended scoops!

So get yourself down there, grab a cup (or a chocolate sprinkled cone) of this delicious treat, and brighten up your day!



Boozy Milkshakes Downtown

Feeling like something sweet with a bit of a kick? And by kick we mean alcohol. Look no further and take yourselves to Harper’s Burger Bar (93 Princess Street) for one of their spiked milkshakes!

Below we have the glorious Grandma’s Treat; Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Caramel, Vanilla Ice Cream, & Candied Bacon- delicious! Made even better by sitting outside and watching the world go by.


This is only one of the many drinks Harper’s have to offer; besides their amazing burgers, they offer milkshakes of the un-spiked variety, as well as boozy and non-boozy floats (vanilla vodka, ice cream, and coke anyone)?