Feel beachy with a berry mojito!

Let’s face it: The exam period is coming closer every day and the struggle starts to get real.

But we know what you need:

Extend your summer feelings and prepare yourself for your winter holiday escape to a warmer country!

The best way to do that? Spend an evening at the Ale House (393 Princess Street) and try out their Wild Berry Mojito!


This sweet Mojito with the certain something will give you purest beach feelings!

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Sandwiches with a kick @ Juniper café!

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about your average ham and cheese or egg salad sandwich, but to be honest every now and then we all fancy something a bit more special than that!

That’s where Juniper café (370 King Street West, Kingston, Ontario) comes into play:


This lovely little café brightens up your lunch break with its variety of tasty sandwiches, soups and salads!

Why get lost in the overwhelming busyness of Princess Street, when you can eat some of the best sandwiches in Kingston while looking out on Lake Ontario!

Our favourite this week: the “Suntech cucumber”! With pickled carrots, hummus, Glengarry chevre, and “patchwork gardens greens” on homemade bread you can never go wrong! And the toasted pecans give it just the certain something that makes it irresistible!

Healthy and delicious – that’s a winner!

With its hidden location in the back of the TettCentre Juniper café truly is a hidden gem of Kingston’s culinary world.

Credit: Instagram.com/junipercafekingston





Btw: Juniper café uses over 80% ingredients sourced from local farms and food producers all year round!

Check them out: HomepageFacebook, Twitter or Instagram: @junipercafekingston


Get your weekly dose of pancakes at Tommy’s!

We all know you miss #HOCO and the huge amount of pancakes breakfasts and dinners that were offered (So do we, trust me!)

That’s why this week we’ll sort you out with our top recommendation for a pancake feast at Tommy’s!

Located at 377 Princess Street this locally owned diner gives you a true 70’s feeling.

picture credit: tommyskingston.ca


No matter if super sweet like the Cream Cheese Pancake Club, or savoury like the Patty cakes, Tommy’s pancakes will make you want to come back and eat your way through the menu!

Despite all of their mouth watering breakfast choices, these fluffy pieces of goodness are highly recommended- bacon, maple syrup, and chocolate chips!

An additional bonus: they are open 24h Thursdays to Sundays!

Take a look at their menu here or check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

The Scoop on Mio Gelato

Some people may say that gelato is for sunny weather only; we say that they’re wrong! Especially when it comes to the assortment of creative and equally as delicious gelato flavours that Mio Gelato has to offer.


We took a cheeky visit downtown and asked some visitors for their favourite Mio picks, and have it on good authority that mojito, lemon greek yoghurt, rocky road, maple walnut, nutella and worms n’ dirt are but a few recommended scoops!

So get yourself down there, grab a cup (or a chocolate sprinkled cone) of this delicious treat, and brighten up your day!


Craving Crave’s Cinnamon Buns

As the leaves begin to fall and the weather is getting crispy, it becomes the perfect time to spend your afternoon in Kingston’s variety of cafés and coffeehouses!

Our top tip on this chilly Sunday afternoon is Crave Coffee House & Bakery located on 166 Princess street.

Get yourself a hot coffee and try out their famous Cinnamon Buns! If you are lucky, you might just pop into their store when they are fresh out of the oven and you will be able to enjoy them warm.


With its perfect mixture of sticky and sweet, this bun will make you crave for more!

If cinnamon buns should not be your thing (unbelievable but yes apparently these people really exist), crave also offers a variety of other delicious treats and sweets!

So check them out and share your experience with us!

Boozy Milkshakes Downtown

Feeling like something sweet with a bit of a kick? And by kick we mean alcohol. Look no further and take yourselves to Harper’s Burger Bar (93 Princess Street) for one of their spiked milkshakes!

Below we have the glorious Grandma’s Treat; Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Caramel, Vanilla Ice Cream, & Candied Bacon- delicious! Made even better by sitting outside and watching the world go by.


This is only one of the many drinks Harper’s have to offer; besides their amazing burgers, they offer milkshakes of the un-spiked variety, as well as boozy and non-boozy floats (vanilla vodka, ice cream, and coke anyone)?