Get your weekly dose of pancakes at Tommy’s!

We all know you miss #HOCO and the huge amount of pancakes breakfasts and dinners that were offered (So do we, trust me!)

That’s why this week we’ll sort you out with our top recommendation for a pancake feast at Tommy’s!

Located at 377 Princess Street this locally owned diner gives you a true 70’s feeling.

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No matter if super sweet like the Cream Cheese Pancake Club, or savoury like the Patty cakes, Tommy’s pancakes will make you want to come back and eat your way through the menu!

Despite all of their mouth watering breakfast choices, these fluffy pieces of goodness are highly recommended- bacon, maple syrup, and chocolate chips!

An additional bonus: they are open 24h Thursdays to Sundays!

Take a look at their menu here or check them out on Facebook and Twitter!